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Your First Consultation
Every case is unique, and we will use this time to review those “specific questions” regarding your particular case and situation. 
The initial consultation is an opportunity to meet with Principal Attorney Margaux Soeffker to discuss your rights under Minnesota Law, to review the legal process, and to address your questions. Margaux will provide a detailed overview with resource information specific to your family law matter.  When selecting family law counsel it is important to understand your attorney’s philosophy and to make sure you have a ‘rapport’ with him or her.  The initial consultation is a no-obligation option to obtain advice, information and learn more about Margaux in person.
Key Potential Topics:
1. What happens next?
2. How would I hire Margaux to represent me?
3. What is involved with initiating a divorce (or other family law matter) including service, filing, administrative and drafting tasks?
4. What options are there for settlement?  What are the differences between mediation and early neutral evaluation, for example.  
5. Margaux will address your specific questions and frequently asked questions.
6. What do you need to know about common myths and misunderstandings?
7. What if we go to court?
The initial consultation is an important orientation to topics such as:
  • Initial Case Management Conference
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Early Neutral Evaluation/ Social Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Private Mediation
  • Who initiates
  • Should the case be filed with the court   
Note:  We understand all cases may not just cover divorce, but rather child custody, spousal maintenance, post-decree disagreements, etc.  Every case is unique.  Margaux will provide case specific resources.
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