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Why Choose Margaux?

Why select Margaux C. Soeffker, Esq. for Family Law representation?

  • As an attorney I help clients navigate through the legal process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Working with a family law attorney is more personal than other types of legal actions. It’s important that you feel comfortable with who you work with and that you understand their philosophy and approach to representation.
  • I listen to my client’s needs and objectives.  I want to know: what is most important to you; what is your biggest concern; what keeps you up at night; what are your goals; what is your bottom line.  Ultimately, decisions in the proceeding are yours to make. I will give you my advice, input and opinion so that you can make informed decisions. 
  • When going through times of extreme stress you lose some of your executive functioning, meaning you tend to forget information or do not process information as effectively – therefore I strive to make sure you understand each point in the process and answer questions along the way.  I will answer your questions, remind you of steps in the process, recap where we are in the proceeding and what options are available. 
  • Family law matters impact your finances, your children, your livelihood, and your peace of mind.  
  • It is important to understand your legal rights under the law.  Knowledge is power.  
  • As your advocate I will adeptly navigate you through the legal system.  What differentiates me from other attorneys is that I guide my clients through the legal process so that they understand each step along the way, their options for process, settlement, litigation and a “cost-benefit-analysis.”  I provide resources and drive the process forward with perseverance and attention to detail.  
  • I advise my clients to be actively involved in their own representation by explaining steps, processes, terms and options.

What do Clients say about Margaux’s skills?

Responsive; Personalized attention; Ethical representation; Tenacious and assertive advocate; An abundance of resources; Attention to detail; Creative strategy and ideas for settlement; More.
If you were ever involved in a legal action would you consult an attorney to understand your legal rights in the process?  What differentiates me from other attorneys is that I adeptly guide my clients through the legal process so that they understand each step along the way and can make informed decisions about their options for process, settlement, litigation, etc. 
Making the decision to leave a marriage is scary: There's often a deep fear of being alone, not to mention the possibility of an unknown future.  Change is hard.  Many settle with mediocrity, enduring emotional pain and dissatisfaction instead.
Are you being true to yourself?   "Staying in a seriously unhappy marriage can have long-term effects on our mental and emotional health," says Carrie Cole, a couples’ therapist and Master Certified Gottman Therapist by the Gottman Institute. Research shows that people in bad marriages usually have low self-esteem, struggle with anxiety and depression, and have a higher rate of illness than those who don't. People feel sad and grieve when they decide to let go — but people who divorce do recover emotionally, and Cole says most find new relationships. In fact, "one statistic reported that 85% of those who divorce remarry within five years," she says.
If any these signs hit home for you, it's time to take a hard look at whether this is a marriage you want to stay in.
Dr. John Gottman’s “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are divorce predictors: Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt and Stone-walling.