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  • The average divorce takes 6-12 months. Note the word *average,* every case is unique.
  • The honest answer is we don’t know.  There are no estimates in family law due to the variables and unique circumstances in every case… it’s all a matter of how much time it takes to complete the process. Every case is different.  Our goal is to set realistic expectations therefore we are not able to provide an “estimate” for any given case.
  • We highly recommend an initial consult where questions regarding your specific case can be answered and many information resources are supplied.
  • No, other than perhaps you control the timing of when the process is initiated.  The Court does not look at a party differently if they’re the “Petitioner” or the “Respondent.”
  • No hats, jeans, gum, flip-flops, no camouflage, sweat pants – think business attire or what you would wear to a formal, conservative event.  Similarly, for mediation and ENE sessions, you want to look put-together and not unkempt.
  • When people are under stress they tend to retain approximately 10% of the information provided.  That means that your attorney will be answering your questions and providing you with valuable information that you may not retain.  You may want to keep a notebook or a binder with notes and information pertaining to your case.  You may want to print out the emails you exchange with your attorney for future reference.  You may want to keep a running list of questions and information to provide to your attorney.