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Open for business

Margaux C. Soeffker, LLC has remained open throughout the COVID-19 Health Crisis and has adapted to the various changes that has entailed. To protect your health and safety concerns in response to the threats of COVID-19, we are offering services via telephone or through video conferencing.

Please email or call our office to discuss your options.


Everyone is feeling pandemic burnout. In family law we are seeing the effects of COVID-19 with job losses, child support changes, parenting time concerns, differing viewpoints on distance learning, travel, vaccinations and related custody issues.
If you have questions about how current restrictions impact your situation, or any other custody, parenting time, divorce, or related issues, please contact Margaux C. Soeffker, LLC. We are closely monitoring the implications for family law. The firm is open for business and has the capacity to accommodate a wide range of legal services:
  1. Margaux C. Soeffker, LLC is able to support clients through telephone, email, in person, and/or video-conference.
  2. Documents are filed with the Court electronically through “e-filing” and “e-service.”
  3. Margaux is experienced representing clients in Zoom proceedings.
  4. The office provides virtual document sharing.
  5. As always, online payment options are offered via credit card and e-check through Law Pay®.
  6. To stay informed, Margaux is part of several family law professional networks focused on sharing resources and navigating family law issues.
  7. Principal Attorney, Margaux Soeffker is doing her best to stay healthy and productive. Margaux C. Soeffker Law is dedicated to addressing ongoing family law matters that arise for current and prospective clients.

We will continue to offer virtual options and legal support with multifaceted communication platforms.
State vaccination data as of 5/29/2021

June 1, 2021:What you need to know about Minnesota’s COVID-19 restrictions” – The latest updates on Gov. Tim Walz’s coronavirus restrictions, from mask mandates to caps on gatherings.

When was the mask mandate lifted?
After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased its guidance on masks for fully vaccinated people May 13, Walz signed an executive order the next day to lift Minnesota's statewide mask mandate. For more info: Minneapolis ends COVID-19 mask mandate.

May 25, 2021: State Courts Ramp up In-Person Court Proceedings.

Stores with updated Mask Rules: news from AARP and USA Today.

Minnesota’s COVID restrictions to end May 28th.
Executive Orders from Gov. Walz

MN State Courts limit in-person Activity in Court Facilities due to Covid-19 Spike.  The response to Covid-19 has impacted access to courthouses and may change the way cases are handled.  Information can be found on the MN Judicial Branch website:

MN Department of Education Safe Learning Plan updates

The State Court Administrator, Jeff Shorba, has also launched a new webpage to assist Minnesotans who must participate in remote hearings, and to provide information to members of the public who wish to access a remote hearing.
Since the initial in-person restrictions were imposed, the Minnesota Judicial Council, State Court Administration, and judicial district and court administration leaders have been working with the Minnesota Department of Health, local health officials and justice partners to develop appropriate plans that will allow for an eventual safe reopening of courthouses.
“It is our top priority to ensure that when more in-person courthouse activities resume, we are doing so in a safe and efficient manner,” said Chief Justice Gildea. “Minnesotans have a constitutional right to access justice through state courts and we are committed to making sure that that access does not involve unnecessary risk for anyone involved.”

For the most up-to-date resources and information regarding COVID-19 in Minnesota, please visit:

With COVID-19 impacting so many areas of our lives, it’s not surprising that divorced and separated families are also feeling the strain. I appreciate this perspective from The Atlantic and Deborah Copaken.
Official public health information
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 homepage.
  • Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) COVID-19 homepage
  • Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (University of Minnesota) COVID-19 homepage

Coronavirus-related tracker pages

 Minnesota courts

Minnesota governor’s office and state agencies